Wednesday, October 5, 2011

AIDS Response in US vs Thailand and Uganda

The United State's response to the AIDS epidemic could be put into several words, slow and unresponsive. During Reagan's time in power as President, he virtually did nothing in the area of prevention against AIDS. It took him up until 1985 to even mention AIDS publicly. The US's response was slow and ineffective in informing the public of what this disease was and how to prevent obtaining it. Reagan basically ignored the issue, and when he finally decided to speak about it he told the US that prevention and sexual education was best kept out of government and instead taught in school and by parents.

Uganda and Thailand, on the other hand, approached the AIDS epidemic with swifter actions and responses. Uganda, under strong political leadership, had major AIDS prevention programs in effect an actively advised the public on prevention techniques. Thailand imposed similar tactics against the AIDS outbreak. Swift actions by political leaders were essential in affecting the decline of AIDS within the country. They launched massive prevention campaigned that reduced drug rates and sharply increased condom usage rates.

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  1. I agree the US handled the uprise of AIDS poorly. Ronald Reagan took a passive approach in reaching out to scared Americans. I believe that is uncharacteristic of our nation, and we have certainly grown from that. Uganda and Thailand on the other hand handled the situation well, and in a timely fashion. I believe that they were right in educating their people. And showing them how to prevent spreading this horrible epidemic.