Monday, October 17, 2011

AIDS in Kenya

Jaboya - Sex in Exchange for Fish
I think that this is very saddening to hear that the women on the shores of Lake Victoria have to resort to selling themselves for sex in exchange for a small amount of fish. This amount of fish is just enough food to keep these people alive. This really puts into perspective the hardships of America versus the hardships that Africans have to face each and every day.

Deadly Catch
Going off of what I had to say about the Jaboya video I think that this is quite a somber subject that needs to be addressed by the more-developed nations of the world. In no society should someone have to whore themselves in exchange for a meager amount of food. That is just wrong and immoral. This jaboya practice seems to be quite popular along the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya. It comes to me as no surprise that this practice is decimating populations of people along the shores due to AIDS. If you are going to have unprotected sex with the fisherman, bus drivers, and market workers there will be a considerable risk for a sexually transmitted disease, especially in areas in Africa.

Stephanie Nolan Talk About 28 Stories of AIDS in Africa
 This reporter had a whole lot to say on such a ravaging subject. This really makes us wonder and realize what extents people will go to when scared or faced with difficult decisions that need to be faced. These stories are very tragic and harrowing, and it allows us, the audience, to begin to put these situations into perspective.

I think that these effects are so much worse in Africa because many people cannot afford rugs to help subside the symptoms that AIDS brings upon them. The continent is overall very poor and the drugs that help with aids are very expensive.

Before watching these videos I knew that people couldn't afford the medication for AIDS in Africa. I also knew that Africa is the spot on Earth where the disease is most prevalent and destructive.I was aware that the areas in Africa where the disease was particularly catastrophic was in Sub-Saharan Africa.

I think culture plays a large role in the spread of AIDS in Africa and as well as other parts of the world.  People tend to conform to culture instead of going their own way and this is turn more than likely negatively affected Africa.

I think the solutions to these problems would have to be to increase education of AIDS and to make condoms and anti-retro-viral drugs more affordable to all peoples.

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