Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gay Marriage

The gay marriage debate has been ongoing for some time now, but has really intensified within the last couple years. So far, six states (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Iowa, New Hampshire, New York and Washington DC have permitted the issuing of same sex marriage licenses. My home state of Maryland still does not issue same sex marriage licenses but do recognize same sex marriages from other states.

There are many reasons why partners of the same sex might want to become married. They could receive larger tax breaks, access to health care, guaranteed loans, and inheritance arrangements.

I honestly have a neutral stand when it comes to the issue of gay marriage. I believe that both sides of the debate pose valid points. I do believe all people of this country should be entitled to equal rights regardless of sexual orientation. But, at the same time, due to my life teachings in religion and ethics, I have been raised to believe that homosexuality is morally unjust. With that being said, I do not dislike homosexuals, I am merely stating what I have been taught and what I believe on the issue presented. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Problems Affecting the Family

As far as ideas presented by liberal and conservative ranks, I would have to agree that both sides present legitimate viewpoints onto problems that affect American families.

Conservatives present controversial issues such as abortion and homosexuality as the forces driving families apart. Abortion and homosexuality are subjects that I normally do not take a large stand on. But I must admit that they could cause major problems within the household if they arose. For example, imagine if a close family member came out to you randomly one day. How would you react? I would be very surprised to say the least. Many families within our great country would be shocked at the idea of a family member coming out, but I think the idea of homosexuality tearing a family completely apart is slightly melodramatic. 

Liberals present ideas such as domestic violence and economic affairs. Compared to the conservatives presented issues, these problems seem to be the more common and realistic family issues that exist today. We all have seen families that have major debt or financial obligations that they are unable to pay off. It is stressful and leads to family problems in many cases. Also, violence and abuse result in legal trouble and separation in many cases as well.